The My-Rent-a-Kitchen idea came about as a need for a commercial kitchen and production work area for our spice making business: Pirate Jonny's, LLC. We found a great location in Mid-Pinellas County and realized that we could share our facility with other small businesses in need of a permitted commercial kitchen space.  We are permitted currently under both Florida Dept. of Agriculture and City of Clearwater.

We are using a former restaurant space that is outfitted with all the equipment that you would find in a restaurant including a full-sized sheet pan convection gas oven, 20 quart mixer with bowls, paddles, whips, etc, 6 burner commercial stove top, gas oven, full range hood with fire suppression system, 3-compartment sink, utility sink etc. We also have for use, numerous large pots and pans and sheet pans for cooking and baking. We have a large work room with stainless steel tables for food prep and easy cleaning.

We offer several rental options with a minimum of 10 hours a month. You will have full access to the facilities for a 24/7 time period. We offer a secure alarmed entry with your own personal code to allow for safe entry and exit. There is usually someone on the premises Mon-Thurs 9-6. Please feel free to call or e-mail, and we can get together to show you the facilities and get go going! We schedule you so that there is only one customer on the premises at a time. You are allowed to bring helpers and workers with you to assist you, but you will be the only user at a time. Let us know your time preferences and we can reserve it for you.

There are several links that you will need for your small commercial food business in regard to permitting and that can be found here:

State of Florida -USDA-Wholesale-Manufactured-Food-Program
State of Florida - Cottage Food information

State of Florida - Mobile Food Vendors

Also - here are some links to the State of Florida Food Establishment Inspection Inspections document:



Need Insurance?  We highly recommend the following:

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